DogsVaccinating your pet (from rabbits and ferrets to cats and dogs) is an integral part of their long term health plan.  Remember that the diseases we vaccinate against can be highly contagious (eg cat flu, parvovirus) and can last in the environment for months or even years under certain conditions.

But not every pet is the same so at North Hobart Veterinary Hospital we aim to discuss with you which vaccinations are important for your pet and their particular lifestyle.

We formulate a vaccination regime with consideration to the WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinary Association) guidelines, as well as local factors.

Currently we do not subscribe to the “early finish” puppy vaccination schedule as proposed by some vaccine companies, due to concern about efficacy with this regime.cats

Vaccines to consider and discuss with your veterinarian are:

DOGS:  Parvovirus, Hepatitis and Distemper (considered the “core vaccines”), Canine Cough (often called Kennel cough, which can include parainfluenza and bordatella or variations thereof), Tetanus and Leptospirosis

CATS:  Feline enteritis, Feline herpes, Feline calici virus, Feline AIDS, Feline Leukaemia

FERRETS:  Distemper vaccination

RABBITS:  Calici virus vaccination