Meet Our Team



Director / Veterinarian

  • Joined NHVH IN 1996 after moving to Tasmania
  • Jennifer Graduated from Murdoch University (WA) in 1992
  • Loves the diversity of the profession and the opportunity to develop relationships with people and their pets
  • The pets of the family include 3 chickens, Ruby the rescue Kelpie X and Sir Romeo Burmese X
  • Outside of work loves the challenge of her garden and loves growing food!


BVSc. (Hons)

Director / Veterinarian

  • Joined NHVH 2007
  • Manty graduated from the University of Queensland in 1994
  • She practiced in Hong Kong from 1996-2006
  • Interests include Dermatology and Ophthalmology CVE courses, extensive post graduate learning in all things rabbits and brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS)
  • Has a deaf dog and two rescue cats at home


BBus BVetBiol BVSc(Hons I)

Director / Veterinarian

  • Moved to Tasmania in 2020 with partner Lachie (also a vet) and their two dogs Tilly & Tess and two cats Big Pud & Winston, in tow
  • Has a passion for all things surgery related! In particular orthopaedic and oncological surgery. Also enjoys unusual medical cases
  • Enjoys exploring Tasmania, in particular hiking in winter and finding cold water to swim in!
  • Loves developing client relationships and feels privileged to be part of their lives and able to help in times of need
  • Loves music, live music in particular! Best live bands Pip has seen would have to be The Eagles and Crowded House!


BVSc (hons) MVS MANZCVS (small animal medicine)


  • Joined NHVH in 2018 after moving from Melbourne
  • Kate loves Tasmania for its natural beauty and sense of community
  • Her professional interests include small animal medicine, ophthalmology and ultrasound
  • Cohabits with a tuxedo cat named, Professor Paws
  • Enjoys cooking, gardening, reading and camping


BVSc. (Hons) MACVS (Feline Medicine)


  • Joined NHVH in 2006 and thoroughly enjoys working here. Roshan completed her Membership in Feline Medicine in 2008
  • Roshan is currently on long service leave enjoying time with her two children (and one fur baby cat, Miss Moppet) before the children are both at school full time
  • Enjoys complicated medical cases and juggling multiple conditions. She believes the bond between people and their pets is very special and feels honoured to be able to help preserve that bond. Roshan has a very special spot in her heart for feisty old felines
  • Being a veterinarian was a life time ambition after ready James Herriot at a young age, and while not currently tending ill sheep on a windy moor, she enjoys every minute of it
  • Outside of work she enjoys bushwalking, jumping out of aeroplanes, gardening and pretending she can paint




  • Graduated in South Africa in 1997, Certified in Veterinary Acupuncture in 2013 through IVAS and has been certified as a Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner through the University of Tennessee since 2016.  Previously worked in the Blue Mountains, Western Sydney, for 15 years.
  • Relocated to lovely Hobart in September 2015 to join NHVH to offer Multimodal pain relief, Rehabilitation, Trigger Point Release, Massage and Acupuncture
  • Finds the treatment of pain in chronic and debilitating conditions with Multimodal pain relief for elderly, feline, canine and pocket pets very rewarding
  • Strives to offer treatment option discussions to suit all patients and believes that Eastern and Western Medicine compliment each other very well
  • Has a keen interest in Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation




  • Hobart born and raised,Henry studied and worked in Adelaide, before returning back home to work at NHVH in 2019
  • Henry is passionate about caring for his animal patients (and their humans!) and loves to build a relationship with both his clients and patients
  • He loves animals of all shapes and sizes but has a particular soft spot for dogs
  • Is interested in all aspects of small animal medicine and working with clients to formulate the best treatment for their furry family members
  • In his spare time Henry enjoys the life style Tasmania provides and enjoys being outdoors, climbing, biking, hiking, kayaking and 4wding. Henry and his partner have three cheeky and cute rats called Blossom, Penelope and Wendy and will likely get a dog soon!




  • Began her career as a zoologist working on Quolls and Tasmanian Devils
  • Studied veterinary medicine at the University of Sydney graduating in 2014 then packed the car and moved to Hobart
  • Primarily works in small animal practice with a special interest in medicine cases and building trusting relationships with clients
  • Loves hiking and bird watching, both with a good bag of snacks and a cup of tea
  • Kept busy by her collection of elderly pets including a diabetic Burmese cat called Meisha, a diabetic Maltese Poodle called Henry and a hypothyroid Maltese x Shih Tzu called Mochi


Certificate II Animal Studies

Practice Manager

  • Has over 20 years customer service experience and has worked in a range of jobs from being an au pair, managing cafes and restaurants and working as a horse-riding trail guide.
  • Has travelled extensively and spent time living in Ireland, England, New Zealand and America.
  • Joined the NHVH team in 2013 and thrives in our busy and varied environment where no two days are the same!
  • Shares her very tiny flat with two very bouncy pups – Bronte and Arlo
  • Has a very sweet horse called Vesper, who now lives a life of retired luxury.


Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing, Certificate Low Stress Handling

Hospital Co-Ordinator / Veterinary Nurse

  • Joined NHVH in 2010
  • There are so many aspects Kendall loves about her job. She loves being able to care for and comfort our patients. Meeting new beautiful furry faces every day. She loves getting to watch our patients get better and be reunited with their loved ones. She also loves being part of the NHVH team, it really is like a family and she wouldn’t want to work anywhere else
  • Loves that there is so much to learn in this job and has a passion for continuing education. She loves to challenge herself to learn new skills and share this knowledge with others
  • Has a cat named BMO and 3 chickens Bundy, Gacey and Dahmer
  • Has a soft spot for Kelpies, tabby cats and chickens

Frankie Paterson

Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing, Bachelors in Medical Radiation Science – Diagnostic Radiography

Veterinary Nurse / Imaging Technician

  • Joined NHVH recently after moving from Perth and is already loving the job and everyone
  • Frankie is a qualified diagnostic radiographer and can perform advanced imaging on veterinary patients
  • The best part about work for Frankie is being able to follow hospitalised patients from admission to discharge and seeing them come back healthy for their rechecks
  • Owns some very spoiled pets, a greyhound, a Labrador and a cat called Egg
  • Outside of work she likes hiking and rock climbing


Cert IV Veterinary Nursing

Veterinary Nurse

  • Mel began her veterinary nursing career in 2015 from a background in retail after rabbit ownership reignited a desire to work with and care for animals
  • She completed her Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing in August 2017 and joined NHVH in July 2018.
  • As a proud parent of 5 house bunnies Ronnie, Navy, Nimue, Clancy and Moira, she has a particular interest in working with rabbits. Mel also has 2 cats named Sassafras and Merlin
  • Mel is interested in pursuing further studies including a Diploma of Veterinary Nursing.
  • She is proud to work for a veterinary hospital that is so committed to excellence in every aspect of patient care.


Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

Veterinary Nurse

  • Joined the NHVH team in 2013 after moving from NSW where she was working at a dog shelter
  • Jess enjoys all aspects of the job, but has a special interest in Emergency & Critical Care Nursing
  • She has completed further studies in Emergency & Critical Care
  • Loves being able to work alongside a brilliant team, as well as having the opportunity to work with visiting specialist
  • Has two beautiful border collies at home, Arnie & George, and has recently added a tiny human to the wolf pack, Edward


Bachelor Degree in Veterinary Medicine (Turkey), Masters Degree in Veterinary Medicine (Turkey), Associate Degree in Applied Science (Australia)

Veterinary Nurse

  • Moved to Australia in 2015 from Turkey and became an Australian citizen in January 2020
  • Sevgi is from Istanbul, Turkey where she studied and worked as a Veterinarian
  • She can speak very good Aussie English and has been able to speak English since she was 9 years old
  • Has two pet gold fish, named Sundance and Copper
  • Was a business partner at a Veterinary Clinic in Turkey


Veterinary Nurse Cert IV

Veterinary Nurse

  • Joined NHVH 2014. Completed certificate IV in Veterinary nursing in 2016, and continued on to study Diploma of Veterinary Nursing – Surgical.
  • Has two lovable pooches, Wilson the Golden Retriever and Harvey the Bichon Frise x Shih Tzu
  • In her spare time, enjoys walking the dogs, Pilates, and exploring the Tasmanian outdoors. Loves a home renovation, and forever working on something new and exciting.
  • Enjoys a challenge, and loves the high-paced, busy atmosphere we work in each and every day. Admires working hard towards gaining the trust and love from the gorgeous animals we get the privilege to see and care for.
  • Enjoys being able to put the love and devotion into every single animal, as if they her own. Love being able to understand some of the needs and desires of our pets each day.


Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

Veterinary Nurse

  • Completed work experience at NHVH and following this became a kennel hand, this led to the role of Veterinary Nurse Trainee in 2016
  • Emily completed her Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing in 2020
  • Passionate about ensuring a long and healthy life for all pets and loves working with a variety of different types of animals
  • Enjoys that every day is different, facing challenges, rewards and gaining knowledge
  • Reg the Red Heeler is her companion fur soul mate


Certificate II Animal Studies, Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

Veterinary Nurse

  • Joined NHVH in 2018 and completed her Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing in May 2021
  • Erin previously worked in retail management but left to pursue her dreams of working with animals
  • She is passionate about providing a high level of care for all animals and helping to make a difference in each individual animal’s life
  • Loves that no day at work is the same and there is always something new to learn
  • Proud mum to a grumpy cat, Alfie and sister to a miniature dachshund Lily, who has a big personality


Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing, Certificate Low Stress Handling

Veterinary Nurse

  • Joined NHVH in July 2020 after doing placement at Ten Lives Cat Centre and fostering kittens!
  • Amber completed her Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing in 2019 and during her study and placement found her passion for low stress handling
  • Has a special interest in canine and feline physical therapy and rehabilitation and hopes to complete studies in this area soon
  • Has two crazy staffys at home, Eva and Gracie and a sassy ginger cat Ray, who was a foster fail
  • Loves how every day is different with a chance to learn new things and build trusting relationships with clients and their pets. Also loves being part of the NHVH team because it really does feel like a second family and wouldn’t want to work anywhere else


Certificate II Equine Studies, Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

Veterinary Nurse

  • Joined NHVH in July 2020
  • Ahli began nursing in 2017 after always knowing she wanted to pursue a career working with animals
  • She has a special interest in emergency nursing and hopes to someday do my Diploma in Emergency and Critical Care
  • Has been riding horses since she was 4 years old and has competitively ridden in a number of different disciplines including eventing, show jumping and barrel racing
  • Loves Border Collies and has three of them, Chester, Buddy and Kiara, filling her life with energy and joy


Cert II Veterinary Nursing

Veterinary Nurse

  • Started work as a kennel hand at NHVH in January 2019 and began a traineeship in early 2020, became full time later that year and couldn’t be happier.
  • Josh loves all things to do with animals of any type and the joy they bring himself and those around him
  • Feels very lucky to be in the field and loves continuing to grow his knowledge and better his abilities to make a positive difference to any animal’s and owner’s well-being and quality of life. He couldn’t be surrounded by a better team of people to help him achieve this.
  • Is a cat lover and a dog lover, couldn’t choose between the two if he had to! Although, he does have a particular sweet spot for his deaf rescue cat Walter, he and Josh are inseparable.
  • Outside of the workplace, Josh enjoy anything that gives him a sense of adventure. whether snorkelling on a reef, driving afar or seeking good camping spots, Josh is all for it, rain or shine.


Veterinary Nurse – Trainee

  • Joined NHVH in September 2020
  • Jade is currently studying her Certificate IV Animal Behaviour and Training
  • She has two beautiful dogs, Willow and Joey, two beautiful cats Miggy and Jensen and one beautiful rabbit, Snow Pea
  • Loves learning new things
  • Lived overseas in England on a working visa for 2 years


Certificate II & III Animal Studies

Veterinary Nurse – Trainee

  • Joined NHVH in October 2020 as a Kennel Hand and then become a Veterinary Nurse Trainee in February 2021
  • Lexi has completed her Certificate II (2018) & III (2020) Animal Studies and wishes to continue and do her Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing
  • She has dreamed about working with animals her whole life and feels it is definitely more of a passion than a job
  • The job is never boring as every day is always different, has made some of the best animal friends
  • Has a handsome Kelpie called Spartan and is pictured here with very photogenic boy Blue


Certificate II in Animal Studies

Senior Client Services

  • Joined NHVH 2012
  • Kylie has a keen interest in wildlife rehabilitation
  • She is a busy mum to 3-year-old Jacob and 1-year-old Joel
  • Hobart City Council Individual Award for Excellence 2015
  • Live with a crazy Border Collie X called Tucker and two beautiful cats


Bachelor of Zoology, Dual qualification Companion Animal Services & Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

Client Services/Veterinary Nurse

  • Joined NHVH in 2020 after returning to Tasmania after spending some time in Melbourne working and completing studies
  • Tammy loves that the industry allows her to combine her passions for animal care and strong customer service
  • Has 7-year-old Border Collie X sisters, Dusty and Diamond and 2 young girls at home keeping her on her feet
  • Born and raised in Tasmania
  • 10+ years in hospitality/retail industry in management positions


Certificate II Animal Studies

Client Services

  • Loves working at NHVH because every day is different and another opportunity to learn something new. She is also proud to be part of a team that values the care of all animals equally
  • Louisa has over 10 years of customer service experience, including working as a pet sitter and manager of a local pet store
  • She has a double Bachelor Degree in Psychology and Zoology
  • Owned by a cat, 2 dachshunds and over 10 rabbits and guinea pigs and loves each one of their personality quirks!
  • Outside of work loves to tinker in the garden, bake and sew

Ashley Caulfield

Client Services

  • Joined NHVH in April 2021 and enjoys meeting new people and their beautiful fur friends and family every day as well as working with a fantastic team of people.
  • Before this position was a travel agent for a few years and prior to that still working in the travel industry in roles such as airline ground crew at Hobart airport and car hire
  • Ashley has a Kelpie X fur sister at home named Roxie and her fur nephew, Boris the pug
  • Has always loved Greyhounds and hopes to adopt one of her own in the future
  • Grew up and spent most of her childhood on a little hobby farm so has always had a love for animals, big and small!




Veterinary Opthomologist (Eye Specialist)

Dr Andrew Turner travels to Hobart every 6 weeks to offer animals his specialist service in the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease and injuries.

Andrew also performs examinations for the Australian Canine Eye Scheme (ACES), Checking breeding dogs and puppies for a range of congenital and inherited eye conditions.

Andrew is a founding partner in: All Animal Eye Services, 5 Andrew Street, Mt Waverly 3149.


BVSc (Hons), MACVSc (Canine Medicine), FACVSc (Dermatology)

Veterinary Dermatologist (Skin Specialist)

Dr David Robson travels to Hobart every month to conduct dermatology consultations.

David also performs skin allergen testing and blood testing for skin allergies. Using these results David is able to arrange an allergy desensitisation program for your pet.

David is based at the:

Melbourne Veterinary Specialist Centre, 70 Blackburn Road, Glen Waverley 3150.


BVSc (Hons I) MVETSTUD Dipl. ECVIM-CA (Cardiology)

Veterinary Cardiologist (Heart Specialist)

Dr Geoff Nicolson completed his undergraduate veterinary training at the University of Queensland. In 2012 Geoff completed a 1-year rotating internship at the University of Queensland Veterinary Training Hospital followed by a 3-year ECVIM approved cardiology residency training program at the University of Sydney Veterinary Teaching Hospital under the supervision of European-boarded cardiology specialist Dr Niek Beijerink.

Early in 2017 Geoff successfully completed the examination to obtain Diplomate status in the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine – Companion Animals, in the subspecialty of Cardiology. Geoff then spent 12 months working for Dr Richard Woolley in Melbourne before deciding to begin his own cardiology referral business. Geoff now operates as a mobile cardiologist seeing cases in multiple clinics and cities throughout Australia. When not working Geoff enjoys running, hiking and sampling the local wine and cuisine.



European Specialist in Veterinary Neurology

Sam Long is a European Specialist in Veterinary Neurology practicing at the Centre for Animal Referral and Emergency, in Collingwood, Melbourne. Sam entered private practice after spending 8 year establishing a neurology section at the University of Melbourne’s veterinary teaching hospital, a section which had grown to employ two neurologists and three residents when he finally left academia in 2017.

Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, an academic position he held for 3 years following 7 years in Glasgow, Scotland, during which he completed a residency in veterinary neurology before fulfilling a PhD in canine cancer activity. His research interests include spinal cord trauma, degenerative myelopathy, epilepsy and canine brain tumours. He is currently running a clinical trial investigating a novel anticonvulsant and a trial exploring combined PET-MRI scanning for the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumours in dogs.