North Hobart Veterinary Hospital has a fully equipped surgery.

We offer routine surgery, orthopaedics, soft tissue surgery, and specialist surgery.

Our hospital offers comfortable and appropriate facilities for all manner of pets that may need surgery. We have three separate wards and a recovery area so that pets can be cared for in quiet and safe environments.

We pay particular attention to anaesthetic safety – we have full in house laboratory for pre-anaesthetic blood tests, a range of anaesthetic agents for use in even the oldest and most frail patient, state of the art anaesthetic monitoring equipment and highly trained nurses to monitor every anaesthetic.

Our spacious surgical suite is designed to allow the highest standards of sterility and patient care.

After surgery your pets are monitored in a recovery area. Pain relief is of enormous importance to us and we assess every patient individually on their need for pain relief post surgery.

NHVH Before Surgery Brochure

Call us to discuss your pet’s surgical needs 6234 7044