Low Stress Handling®

Low Stress Handling

Visiting the veterinarian can be stressful for both pets and their owners. 

We are proud that we are a Low Stress Handling® Silver Certified Facility. Our staff members are trained in gentle handling techniques and understand the importance of minimising stress during examinations, procedures and treatments.  Our caring team will work with you to find ways to reduce anxiety by setting up positive visits with additional care and understanding for those pets that may feel nervous at the vet. With separate dog and cat housing, comfortable bedding, temperature controlled wards and calming pheromones, we can provide safe and comfortable care in hospital should your pet need to stay with us.

Our goal is to make your pet’s experience as stress-free as possible, promoting positive associations with veterinary care for their lifetime.

More About Low Stress Handling®

The Goal of Low Stress Handling® Low Stress Handling®, developed by the late Sophia Yin, focuses on teaching the individual how to use humane animal handling techniques. These skills improve animal welfare and strengthen the animal-human bond by continually assessing body language and behaviour. This improved communication increases safety, efficiency, and patient care.

What being a Low Stress Handling® Certified Facility means to our clients: The Low Stress Handling® Certified Silver Facility logo documents our facility’s knowledge and skill to make your pet’s visit as pleasant as possible. Our team cares about your pet’s overall well-being, including their physical, emotional, and behavioural health. By undergoing extensive Low Stress Handling® training, our staff have learned to interpret your pet’s language, identify distress, and safely and efficiently avoid furthering traumatic and fearful experiences! We accomplish these goals by:

  • Providing a comfortable environment to reduce stress for both you and your pet
  • Recognising the need for your pet to feel safe and secure as possible before starting an exam
  • Adjusting our handling based on your pet’s response to avoid restraint and distress
  • Being trained in the proper methods to handle, transport, and support your pet during exams
  • Understanding the signs of distress, knowing how to approach nervous, fearful pets, and determining which safe methods are best for your individual animal
  • Reducing fear-based behaviours to avoid injury to you, your pet and our staff
  • Providing minimal stress exams so your pet enjoys future veterinary visit
Silver Certified Facility