tdfood2At North Hobart Veterinary Hospital we use and recommend Hills Pet Nutrition for our animal clients. We find that Hills have a wide range of food covering all life stages for our pets – from a premium every day pet food to prescription foods Hills has an appropriate food for your pet.

While in hospital all animal patients are offered Hills Pet Nutrition as a part of their recovery. We also feed our cat boarders Hills cat foods.

We are equally happy to help you manage your pet’s diet the way you would like – be it a raw food diet or home cooked diet. But it is difficult to provide a perfectly balanced diet without the help of a veterinary nutritionist so come and talk to our veterinarians about options for your pet’s diet.

We stock a large range of Oxbow premium rabbit food & guinea pig foods and treat – including Timothy Hay & Critical Care.

Wombaroo is also stocked at NHVH – We generally stock a range of wallaby, possum & wombat milk powder.