Special Equipment

equipmentWe have so many “toys” that we enjoy using we had to make a special page for them. Some of them you may recognize and others will be a comforting surprise. Did you know what we have? (We also have a list of things we want but that is another story….)

X-ray – Dental and regular. Digital development of these pictures enables us to rapidly view the x- ray and send it easily by email. No more sending films via the post.

Ultrasound – our staff regularly use the ultrasound for diagnostic and biopsy procedures. A visiting ultrasonographer is available for cardiac and more complex scans.

ECG – In house recording is available. A Holti (24hr monitor is available for hire from a veterinary cardiologist in Melbourne when required).equipment-2

Anaesthetic machines to deliver controlled breathable anaesthetic gas just like you receive when you are in hospital.

Blood Pressure measurements are performed on all animals receiving an anaesthetic and as part of the routine health management of pets with long term diseases such as kidney failure.

Apalert – this machine is connected to your anaesthetised pet and alerts us to each breath.

Pulse Oximeter – this little machine is best described as that machine they place on your thumb when you go to hospital. We have to find other areas on an animal’s body to use it. It measures how much oxygen is in your pet’s blood stream and how rapidly the heart is beating.

Intravenous Fluid Pumps – these machines control how much and how fast intravenous fluid is administered to each pet. A tiny kitten has very different requirements to a great dane as you can imagine.

Bair Hugger – this funnily named machine is a like having a cloud of warm air puffed around the body to warm you up whilst you undergo long surgery or when you are very unwell and are hypothermic (too cold).testequipment

Blanket Warming Machine – this machine has the important job of warming the blankets before they are wrapped around animals waking from surgery. If you have ever woken from anaesthesia only to be wrapped in a super soft and warm blanket you will know how good it feels.

Cautery – this machine quickly stops bleeding in small blood vessels that get cut during surgery. This reduces bruising and the need for stitches.

Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner – this vibrates the hard discoloured calculus from the teeth leaving them clean and white and ready for polishing.

Dental Unit – this machine is just like the dentist uses on your teeth. It has a water and air spray, suction, drill and polishing function. Your lucky pet is fast asleep when it is used so they don’t have to listen to the sounds we are familiar with!

Video-otoscope – this provides a wonderful view of deep in your pet’s ear, allowing us to gently clean this sensitive area without damaging the eardrum.

Heating pads – these are placed under the surgical drape your pet lays on whilst having any anaesthetic. They help keep their body warm whilst they sleep.

Oxygenation – ducted oxygen through the wards provides individual emergency oxygen to those animals requiring additional levels due to accident or illness.

Tonopen – this small but amazing tool gently measures the pressure in the eye. It is used to detect glaucoma in animals.