Compassionate Euthanasia

Deciding when is the “right time” to let your pet go is always difficult. Our aim is to make this decision with you, and help make putting your pet to sleep as peaceful as possible.

Our staff are advocates for animals and will help guide you in the decision. But ultimately it is up to you and your family and we will support you at this time in whatever choices you make.

One of the most common questions is “when will we know it is time?”. To help with this, we use the Quality of Life Assessment Form (link below). If you print this out and fill it in day by day, it will help highlight if/when your pet may be suffering.

Quality of Life Assessment Feline Quality of Life Assessment


There are some choices surrounding the euthanasia of your pet, so it is worth considering things before the actual day when you may be too upset to decide:

  • The euthanasia of a pet can be done at the hospital or at your home.
  • You can be present with your pet, or leave them with our caring staff if you would prefer.
  • You are welcome to take their collar with you, wrap them in a special blanket, cut a piece of their coat to keep – we are familiar with all your emotions and will accommodate almost any wish.
  • You may like to bury them at home in the garden, at the family holiday home, or we can arrange burial or cremation through a pet burial company.

Putting your pet to sleep is a peaceful event. Please feel free to talk through the procedure with our staff beforehand. We sedate all pets before euthanasia, and often place an intravenous catheter before giving the final intravenous dose of anaesthetic agent.

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