Community Involvement


At North Hobart Veterinary Hospital we aim to involve ourselves in our community and show you the role pet ownership and care plays in our lives. Here are just a few of the things we have enjoyed this year:


Kinder/Primary School: We welcome school children to tour our hospital and observe our day. Many children find introduction to the health industry far less confronting in a veterinary surrounding. Our kind hands on experience with our calm hospital animals includes: finding the heart; looking for fleas; examining the teeth and talking about x-rays etc. You even get to dress up as a Vet – we all have a great time! All we ask is that after your visit you draw us a great picture for display in our waiting room.

Secondary School: Our work experience program is in high demand with the limited number of places rapidly allocated. Through the week students work in different areas and complete a list of tasks that give them a taste of what we see as a rich and fulfilling career.

Tertiary Level: Our hospital regularly hosts Veterinary students during their practical experience placements.

International Students: Each year we accept 1-2 international students for their practical experience program. So far we have had students from Germany and France.

Community Events:



Dogs on the Domain: This annual event organized by Hobart City Council celebrates the human animal bond and the richness dogs bring to our lives.

Santa Paws: now a regular fixture on our calendar, Father Christmas spends a day with us to have his photo taken with our four legged friends.