Kitten Kindy

Kitten Kindy is an interactive course held at North Hobart Veterinary Hospital to teach you about:

  • Normal cat behaviour
  • Environmental enrichment
  • Handling and procedure training
  • Health care basics

Kitten Socialisation Period

The kitten socialization period runs from around 2 weeks of age until they are around 7 weeks old. This is where they learn most about the world & what it is like.

However, because kittens generally haven’t left home until they are 8 plus weeks of age & should have their first vaccination before attending class, we accept kittens in class from 8 to 14 weeks of age.

About The Course

Kitten Kindy is a 90 minute course designed to assist you in helping your new kitten to fit into your family.

We cover topics such as bringing your kitten home, environmental needs, cat behaviour, health, common household dangers, play, body language, vet visits, pet insurance, training your kitten & further resources.

If you don’t currently have a kitten but are thinking of adding a cat to your family, or have recently adopted an older kitten or cat you are still welcome to attend the classes.

The information that we will be going through will still be highly useful in your day to day lives with your cats.

We suggest bringing your kitten to class hungry as we use rewards to help train wanted behaviours.

Course Details

Interactive 90 minute kitten class $60 – Bring along your kitten in their carrier & also with their favourite treats. We will cover:

  • Cat behaviour and normal traits – focus on reading your cat’s body language
  • Welcome to the household – what you will need for your cat
  • Play etiquette
  • Basic health information
  • Enriching your cat’s environment
  • Training techniques
  • Learn to clip nails and pill your cat with ease

If you are interested in enrolling your kitten into this great class, please email Nurse Helen below.