Saying Goodbye

Deciding when is the “right time” to let your pet go is always difficult. Our aim is to make this decision with you, and to help make the process as peaceful as possible.

Our staff are advocates for your pet’s health and will help guide you however ultimately it is up to you and your family and we will support you at this time.

One of the most common questions is “when will we know it is time?” To help with this, we have attached a link to two versions of Quality of Life Assessment Forms (see below). If you fill it in day by day, it will help highlight what your pet is going through.

Quality of Life Assessment:

Quality Of Life Scale

How Do I Know When it’s Time?

There are some choices surrounding the compassionate euthanasia of your pet, and it is worth considering some things before the actual day when you may be too upset to decide:

  • The euthanasia of a pet can be administered at the hospital or at your home by arrangement.
  • You can be present with your pet or choose to hold the living memory whilst our caring staff support them on their journey.
  • You are welcome keep your pet’s collar with you after they have passed; wrap them in a special blanket; trim a piece of their fur to keep or give them a small keepsake to keep by their body – everyone’s farewell is different and we will be there to accompany you and assist where we can.
  • You may like to bury them at home in the garden, at the family holiday home, or we can arrange cremation through a pet burial company.

Please feel free to talk through this procedure with our staff beforehand.

We sedate all pets before euthanasia to alleviate any pain as well as to relax them. Often we place an intravenous catheter before giving the final intravenous dose of anaesthetic agent.

Grieving for the loss of your pet is a deep expression of the bond you have shared with your pet. We never really know how it will affect us and some people may find it difficult to express the feelings they are going through.

Our team have had very close experience with the loss of pets. Please talk to us and we will try and guide you.

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