Pet Insurance

Pet insurance or pet health insurance helps cover the cost of medical and surgical expenses should your pet become ill or have an accident.

We have never heard a client say, “I wish I never had pet insurance”.


Reduces the financial constraints of obtaining the very best veterinary care:

  • Gives you a choice in deciding what treatment to choose
  • Encourages and assists pet owners in obtaining routine/preventative care
  • Reduces the times when euthanasia is chosen because you are unable to pay for the treatment your pet needs.
  • You can seek veterinary care sooner

We recommend that you insure your puppies and kittens at a young age to enable you to choose the cover you want – bearing in mind that animals over 9 years of age and those with pre-existing illness have limits placed on the cover they receive.

We strongly recommend that if not arranging pet insurance that you regularly put money aside for those unforeseen events that can affect your pet.