Dr Miriam Has Completed Her CCRP Course!

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Dr Miriam Has Completed Her CCRP Course!

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Dr Miriam Has Completed Her Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP) Course!


Dr Miriam has already completed her IVAS Veterinary Acupuncture Certification and just recently, has become the very first veterinarian in Tasmania to become a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP) through the University of Tennessee.

To obtain this certification, Dr Miriam spent three years studying via correspondence, as well as attending rehabilitation hospitals all around the world to gain practical experience. Her most favourite place was her placement at a rehabilitation hospital in South Africa.

After submitting her 5, very in-depth case studies written about patients who she has been treating over the last three years, Dr Miriam flew to Brisbane to complete her final exam where she presented one of her case studies, as well as completed a written examination – she passed with flying colours!

Physical therapy











 – in this photo Dr Miriam is using the FitPaws peanut balls to aid this patient in recovering from orthopaedic surgery.

What does CCRP mean?

CCRP stands for ‘Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner’. Having this certification means that Dr Miriam is able to assess your pet, perform rehabilitation techniques on your pet and formulate a rehabilitation program to ensure your pet is living his or her best, pain free life.

At this stage, North Hobart Veterinary Hospital is the only veterinary hospital in Tasmania that is able to offer Certified Rehabilitation Programs for your pet.

What to expect from your consultation with Dr. Miriam?

Initially, Dr Miriam will ask you to tell her, in your own words, what you think you pet’s main issues are.

This could be anything from not being able to climb the stairs anymore or jump up in the car to slipping on the floor boards at home.

This will help her get an idea of the areas of your pet’s body that need the most attention and aid her in formulating a plan for treatment.

She will then perform a complete physical examination on your pet, where she will take note of particular areas that may be sore or tender.

From there, the possibilities are endless – Dr Miriam will use massage techniques, thermotherapy or cryotherapy, acupuncture, TENS therapy, FitPaws Rehabilitation equipment to name a few – whatever therapy she deems is best for your pet.

She will then make a plan that works for both you and your pet and send you off with clear and precise homework until your next visit.

Who needs Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation?

Anyone and everyone! Physical Therapy is not just for pets who have injuries, are arthritic or are recovering from surgery.

Dr Miriam can provide programs for agility and show ring dogs. Agility can be strenuous on your dog’s body. 

Proper warm up and cool down stretches are as important for pets as they are for humans, especially those who are performance pets, so Dr Miriam can provide exercises and massage techniques to aid in muscle healing before and after agility or show ring work is performed, as well as provide you with techniques that you can do at home.



Dr Miriam’s initial rehabilitation appointments are scheduled for 1 hour and follow up appointments are 40 minutes.


Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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