ISFM Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic

ISFM Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic

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North Hobart Veterinary Hospital is a Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic


You may have seen this Cat Friendly Clinic logo on the front door of North Hobart Veterinary Hospital and wondered what it means – read on and you will find out!!

Cat Friendly Clinic

At North Hobart Veterinary Hospital we are very pleased to have achieved Gold Standard accreditation through ISFM (International Society Of Feline Medicine).

This means that all of our staff have promised to handle and treat cats that come into the clinic with understanding, gentleness and respect, and to make every effort to make the visit as stress free as possible for you and your cat.

All of our nursing and veterinary staff have completed additional training on Low Stress Handling of patients through Dr Sophia Yin’s ‘Low Stress Animal Handling’ course. This additional training helps us to recognise signs of fear and stress when animals come into the clinic, helping us to minimise and manage these stressful situations.

What does being a Cat Friendly Clinic entail?

To become an accredited practice, we have to adhere to certain criteria set by ISFM (International Society Of Feline Medicine).

This includes:

  • High level/high quality hospital and laboratory equipment
  • Additional facilities in the waiting room
  • Separate ward for cats and larger cages
  • A dedicated consulting room
  • A minimum of 15 minutes per consultation.

In certain, cat related areas of the hospital we have provided facilities to adhere to the ISFM guidelines, as well as minimise stress for cats visiting the clinic, whether it be for a consultation, hospital stay or boarding (holiday!). These include:

Cat Waiting Room

 Cat Friendly Waiting Area

 Cat “Parking” facilities to provide safety and security for cats

 Feliway diffusers


Cat Cat Ward

 Secluded cages where cats cannot see each other

 Warm temperature in the ward

 Feliway diffusers and spray

 Non-slip bedding

 An array of litter tray sizes for different sized & aged cats

                                        Igloos for hiding

                                        Sound proof window on the door


catCat Boarding

Warm temperature in the ward

Secluded cage where cats cannot see each other

Varying levels within the cages

                                           Sound proof window in the door

                                           Separate areas for toileting, feeding and sleeping

                                           Hidey Holes


catConsultation Rooms

Feliway – diffusers and spray

Non-slip mats for the consulting bench

Quiet rooms


For more information on International Society Of Feline Medicine, visit their website here or contact us anytime.

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