Kitten Kindy

North Hobart Veterinary Hospital (ISFM Gold Cat Friendly Practice) is proud to be introducing Kitten Kindy!

Learn to look at the world from a kitten’s point of view!

Kitten Kindy ® was originally developed by Dr Kersti Seksel, the foremost animal behavioral expert in Australia, and the team at North Hobart Veterinary Hospital is excited to offer our own classes for Kitten owners who would like to give their new family members the best start possible.

Dogs aren’t the only ones who need early socialization and training. Kittens also benefit from early exposure to new experiences, which help them become confident, well-adjusted adult cats.

Interactive classes run by our veterinarians and feline advocate nurses will help kitten owners learn more about feline healthcare, behaviour, training and important socialisation requirements for their kittens.

We can help you raise a well-adjusted and confident kitten into adulthood.

We will show you how nail clipping and pill medicating can be performed with ease.

The pet carrier can be your cat’s friend – the trip in the car need not be terrifying!

NHVH Kitten Kindy Brochure (PDF)

Kitten Kindy